Bamboo Home – Sheets

Photo by Susan Flores:

In some tropical parts of the globe people not only use bamboo in their home as food or utensils.  There are homes and huts that are made out of bamboo.  And schools, rafts and bicycles.

In the cooler parts of this earth where we don’t have as much history of living with bamboo, integrating bamboo into daily life takes creativity and persistence.  But nowadays you can see lots of innovation happening to make bamboo flooring and bedsheets and cutlery!  There are lots of reasons and lots of ways to get bamboo into your life.  And into your home.

You will have your reasons for making your purchasing decisions and probably being environmentally conscientious is a big factor.  One reason is cotton cultivation and clothing production demands thousands of buckets of water more than bamboo is asking for.  This is important because the less we have to push water around for our purposes then it can let the earth use it in the water cycle.  

To get an idea of the difference between bamboo and cotton cultivation please take a look at the eye popping stats in this informative post:   Are Bamboo Sheets Actually Better For The Environment? – Sloth London

It is important to note that although the cotton plant does have more cellulose per pound of plant material it is not not enough to offset the huge difference in water requirements and pesticide use.

Decisions like choosing bamboo sheets can help you sleep at night – literally.  The sheets are so soft so it feels so welcoming to climb into bed, breathe deep and drift off.  Also your body will not have to process (get stuck with more chemical residue) pesticides for the next few decades instead of focusing on strengthening your immune system.  

In addition to all that you will know you are part of a community that loves being able to make congruent decisions.  Congruent decisions means you, your decisions and your beliefs are on the same page.  And living with those decisions makes you and the world around you a healthier place.  Some eco-based decisions can be difficult because it can make daily life more laborious whether it is adding to the compost pile or lugging around your water bottle instead of buying something to drink.  

When possible – bring bamboo home.

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