Bamboo water

Like you. I am on the look out for the real deal. Whether that be in people or products or experiences. Is bamboo water the real deal? Specifically Banu.

I hope so. It is not the only source of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. But what it can do is open up a whole new neighbourhood of connections and possibilities when you are searching to clean, balance and charge your life. Banu water looks like a great drink to try for yourself. never believe the hype. Always trust your instinct. Also called your gut. So give your gut good ingredients nd listen to what it says.

Below is their Instagram. The link to was not working. Not the end of the world especially when you are trying to get something off the ground – and into the routines of people.

Benefits claimed: Anti-Inflammatory, anti-oxidant, natural source of silica, helps form collagen and absorb calcium

Nothing here is meant as medical advice, simply as light in your day. Please consult your medical professional before making decisions about your health.

Thank you.

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