Build With Bamboo – Renuteq

Photo by Brett Sayles:

Bamboo as a building material might seem live a novelty.

For colder climates yes but warmer regions of the planet have been using it for centuries.

Since a straightforward application of raw bamboo as an approved building material would be dangerous if used for construction in colder climates it needs a little help.

A really good example of a good helper is Renuteq out of St. Louis Missouri.

Structural Engineered Bamboo (SEB) doesn’t look like bamboo but acts like bamboo. It is strong and fast growing and adaptable to purpose. SEB is not the enemy of wood or any other building product. SEB can be integrated into traditional designs, like curtain walls that proliferate through commercial buildings, so it might even be in use and you didn’t notice.

If you re building a house ask your architect to consider SEB. The organic mass of the material once installed in your home reduces heat loss immediately making living comfortable, minimizes cost and heat seepage that impacts the temperature of the planet.

Check it out!

Bamboo very much!

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