Nagashi Somen

Photo by Taryn Elliott:

The Land of Narnia is a magical place where things have very different names like Aslan, Calormen and Omaru .  Narnia also has its own long and detailed history with traditions and legends.  Much the same could be said about noodles.  There are many lands like Italy, Vietnam and China that will have their own story of noodles with recipes and rituals, categories and taboos.  Japan too has its own noodle terms like soba, hiyamugi and Sanuki udon.  

A Japanese flour noodle called somen has been eaten in Japan for hundreds of years.  Then in the 20th century came nagashi somen in its channels of bamboo.

Click the link and you will get a good explanation of the origin of nagashi somen – ‘flowing noodles’:

To see a better video of the experience in action please click here:

Japanese restaurant serves nagashi somen noodles by shooting them down a bamboo slide


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