Nettle Tea – Fabulous Natural Bamboo fertilizer

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From the Canadian website – we have this simple recipe below. It is not exclusively for bamboo. Nettle tea is actually really good for humans. However for your cup of tea, just use the nettle leaves – whether dried or fresh – it is a great way to cleanse your body of toxins. But, back to bamboo. For a robust drink for your bamboo plants, find your way with the following simple steps:

Natural Nettles – DIY Fertilizer

“Nettle Tea” is a perfect fertilizer for improving plant growth, especially Bamboo. Aside from major plant nutrients nitrogen and potassium, it contains other crucial components like magnesium, iron, sulphur, copper, calcium, zinc and chlorophyll. Nettle fertilizer is also well-known to help keep pests, like aphids away!

Make your own Nettle Tea

Use 1kg of nettle leaves and stems to 1 litre of water.

  • Bruise and chop the foliage (don’t use roots, and make sure you wear heavy gloves while handling the nettles; we want you to enjoy your labour!
  • Fill a bucket ¾ of the way with leaves and stems (leaving the “tea” room to ferment)
  • Add non-chlorinated water and cover
  • Stir every now and then (some folks do this every day, others are less diligent).

In 2-3 weeks the tea will start to smell. (Did we mention not to leave the bucket too close to the house?)

Pour out some liquid, and you can either spray the liquid on the leaves or mix it with water when you water your plants. Start with low concentrations and move up from there. Use undiluted as an excellent organic herbicide. When using nettles as fertilizer, remember that some plants, like tomatoes and roses, do not enjoy the high iron levels in nettle fertilizer.

You can continue to top off with water through the season. Add the dregs to your compost bin (don’t forget to wear your gloves).

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