Northern Bamboo


The succession of big weather events and the ongoing revolution in the planet’s environment fuels our climate debate.  All the while the planet supports each and everyone of us regardless of our religion, skin colour, political affiliation or income.  That we are equally given life, breath and a heartbeat doesn’t mean all of us are correct in our views of the human impact on the planetary environment.

This climate debate cum cat fight seems like it has enough legs for another forty years.  In the meantime we can choose to adopt ways that have worked for millenia and adapt to conscientious innovations.    

That could lead to bamboo being able to grow in places it previously hasn’t been able to because it was too cold or the soil was not accommodating.  For northerners moving forward, bamboo might be changing from being, by majority, a decorative house plant – an attractive accent in your prayer corner –  to garden feature.  Yes, there are lots of bamboo fences and trellises but the shape shifting climate might mean we in the northern hemisphere can actually grow bamboo.  

Where do we get the wisdom about what works and what doesn’t for bamboo?  An excellent resource is Fred Hornaday.  He has years of practical experience with the challenges of cultivating in cold weather.  His clear and informed writing provides you with the name and characteristics of a number of species that might fit your region.  Please click this link below:

Another proactive force in bamboo is Lewis Bamboo.  On their website they provide actionable ideas so you can integrate bamboo into your life so you get success growing it and learn its idiosyncrasies.  Please see link here:

By growing your own bamboo it can open doors to how it is being used in furniture design, construction innovation, health applications and the food industry.

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