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This is our first post on the website launching in January 2023.  Like bamboo we look forward to growing in a strong community.  And when it’s the right time, to grow quickly.  We want our growth to benefit bamboo businesses in any part of the world.  This sentiment includes related people and businesses in different markets and industries that are striving to elevate their business practice.  At Bamboo News if you are in the bamboo business we want to help your bamboo business grow.  Or if you are a consumer looking to support regenerative businesses by purchasing their bamboo products, we want to provide you with accurate information and access to a dynamic market.  

Ang Lee’s movie from 2000 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was a huge box office hit and took home nine Oscars including Best Picture 2001.  One of the stars was the vibrant sea of bamboo in the stunning Anji Bamboo Forest in Anji County, Zhejiang Province.  In the movie there is that magical sword fight where the ageing master and the rebellious student float through the canopy of the massive stand of bamboo.

Bamboo Forest Fight | Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 

“The phrase “crouching tiger, hidden dragon” is a Cheng Yu, or Chinese idiom. A Cheng Yu is typically comprised of 4 characters and refers to a larger story that has a lesson or moral associated with it, … “The phrase ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’ (Wuo hu zhan long) is a Chinese idiom in which the words ‘Tiger’ and ‘Dragon’ directly refer to people with special hidden talents. This idiom is used to remind people to never underestimate anybody.”

‘Never underestimate anybody’; These are wise words.  You never know when you might be sitting beside someone in a cafe, or waiting in line in front of someone who may have fabulous stories of adventure; they may speak seven languages or are able to highlight the path forward in a difficult situation.   

It is probably wise not to underestimate bamboo either.   In many places bamboo has been a staple material for building and ingredient for cooking for generations.  In western nations a few bamboo pioneers have realized the value of bamboo and have fostered it’s popularity.  Lots of people are still learning about bamboo: it’s strength and versatility, what conditions it grows best in and how fast it grows.  

Bamboo News articles will highlight innovators in the bamboo field.  We want to promote businesses in all parts of the world that are growing or manufacturing or designing with bamboo.  Bamboo is in so many products and industries from clothing to construction to beauty and the food industry.  

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