That’s Right- Bamboo Ski Poles

Photo by BOOM 💥:

Bamboo ski poles are not the answer.

But really what is?

We live in an era of change. Technology has morphed what we do, the vocabulary we use and how we think: ‘Google it’, ‘text me’, ‘that meme is hilarious’.

The environment of the planet is changing because we are rude and lazy and don’t clean up after ourselves. If life was a dinner party, we wouldn’t be invited back

While it is undeniable there are raging forests fires that engulf homes and spewing out soot, heat waves and floods>. But, really, if we weren’t inconvenienced who would care?

Rachel Carson, Emily Carr, Bob Hunter: They did, in the moment, what they could with what they had. So does Blake Anderson. He makes ski poles. Bamboo ones.

Skiing down the side of a mountain can be exhilarating , frightening, and rewarding. It can generate greenhouse gases and bring you so close to nature you have no words to express the power and beauty of the moment. Check out poles by Blake.

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