The Future of Bamboo

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The Future of Bamboo is Bright

The future of any plant is in its seed.  And from that seed it, like you, wants to grow towards the light as it fulfils its potential.  That potential is linked to their future.  What innovations will create new products to minimize plastic or concrete?

It’s not that bamboo is new.  It is that more people in more parts of the world are finding ways to use it in daily life.  That can be from a straightforward toothbrush, to glasses to clothes and building materials.  

Gatherings of creative minds that focus on bamboo are yielding innovation. 

Just take a look at the variety of courses at Bamboo U in Bali.

The bamboo flooring pioneer David Knight created the US market for it in the 1990’s with his company Teragren.  For those who ‘bought in’ early they could resonate with the eco awareness of buying bamboo in addition to its attractiveness and durability.

Bamboo’s future can be part of the vanguard of our future as well.  If your company has an event then the swag bag can include a bamboo water bottle instead of plastic.  As a birthday gift we can give a bamboo t-shirt.

To get a glimpse of the versatility of bamboo we can take a peek at its fascinating history: 

Bamboo has a long history in Asia and its inclusion in the culture of the west is picking up steam.  Europe is hot on the reality of bamboo.  Coming up in June 2023 in Germany is the European Bamboo Expo: 

South of the Rio Grande The Americas know bamboo. North of that river bamboo has a growing community.

Bamboo is ‘growing’ in popularity in countries where it doesn’t grow (for now).  There are many companies that are producing bamboo products: you can buy chairs and tables, bowls and toothbrushes.

Bamboo product designers can look to where other alternatives to steel and plastic have been successful.  Where hemp has been used for various car parts including fenders and batteries bamboo is being used in car interiors.  We have all used the viscose fibre from cotton that has been used in clothes and now bamboo viscose is an informed choice for the future fashion..

What is needed for the future of bamboo?  Bamboo doesn’t need you or me.  Or a voracious panda that eats 10-15 kilos of bamboo a day.

Bamboo needs fertile soil, mineral laden water and sun that keeps a sustainable temperature. 

How can we foster those conditions?  By giving it some space.  Spreading the word of its versatility and utility.  By planting some bamboo and giving it a neighbourhood where it can thrive.  This means making decisions from a mindset of a beautiful future, a bamboo future for what might become a bamboo generation.

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