Why Bamboo News?

Like you, bamboo is strong, flexible and versatile.  Like you bamboo thrives in a clean environment.  Too much carbon in the air, earth or water impedes our natural development.   The microbeads of plastic infiltrating the land, seas and animals are damaging to all. Perhaps we are being a little too flexible with the impact of these things like carbon and plastic.  

We can use our are strength for solutions that work in the long and short term; use our versatility to deliver benefits for people and the planet.  Together, we can be versatile in our actions to integrate bamboo in daily life.

Bamboo News  highlights the people, projects and possibilities in the sphere of bamboo.  Our aim is to increase the uptake of bamboo in a broad range of industries.  We can see the creative designs in home furnishings, emerging innovation in construction, clever applications in hygiene products.  What else can bamboo do?

The Bamboo News website is a growing resource for people who want to feel more organic influence in their life.  That might be a toothbrush for their children, or flooring for their home, clothes for their spouse or a bicycle for themselves.  

Bamboo News is a meeting place for designers, manufacturers, builders and growers to promote their products and services.  It is a nexus for students, entrepreneurs and researchers to share their expertise.  Here you will discover about hands-on workshops or a trade show to talk with like minded people.  

If you are looking for a company who works with bamboo or you are a bamboo company, this is the place to be.  Wherever you are in the world you can connect with someone passionate about bamboo.  Thank you for visiting.